The Top 7 questions to consider before looking at ChatBot platforms.

Are you currently looking at ChatBots for your business website?

Here’s a 7-point checklist of questions that can help guide you to pick the right ChatBot for your business.

1. What do you mostly sell – products or services?

Answer: Products

You will be looking for a ChatBot that can read your products and descriptions so it may help visitors find and select the right product for them. E-Commerce websites usually have integrated ChatBots available. e.g. Shopify has the popular Botsify.

Answer: Services

You are looking for a ChatBot that can read your website and understand the services you offer. Must be able to engage with and collect the details of visitors who need your service. Respondly works for SMBs, Trade Services (plumbers, builders, electricians etc), and Real Estate.

2. Do you use a standard eCommerce website for this business?

Answer: Yes

It’s likely that a ChatBot already exists for the eCommerce website you use. eCommerce websites such as Zoho and Shopify have ChatBots that can add products to a customer’s shopping cart and guide them through the checkout process.

Answer: No

You are looking for a ChatBot that can work with any type of website, or, can be customized to work with your custom-built website. Respondly can work with an type of website, or, pick a ChatBot platform like Drift and customize your own dialog workflows and answers.

3. Are trying to achieve more enquiries, more jobs, more sales, or more appointments?

Answer: Yes

If you are selling Services then you want a ChatBot that can engage with visitors and take down their job details, preferred booking time, or answer an enquiry. If you are selling products then you want a ChatBot that can help people when they enquire about those products.

Answer: No

Try next question 🙂

4. Are you available if a customer needs to speak to you – 24/7?

Answer:  Yes

You can choose either a LiveChat platform (no Bots) or a hybrid of Live Chat and AI ChatBot. There are literally thousands of LiveChat platforms out there. You don’t need to purchase LiveChat unless you are an Enterprise-sized business with dedicated sales and customer support teams. Intercom and Crisp work best in these situations.

Answer:  No

Avoid Live Chat and avoid hybrid ChatBots or Bots that pass enquiries to a real person. If you aren’t there to reply to customer within 15-20 secs you’ve lost them already. Pick the Live Chat option only if you are sure you have staff that can reply without delay, day or night.

5. Do you have a dedicated Customer Service or Support team?

Answer:  Yes

Your customer service team can use Live Chat, or a hybrid of Live Chat and AI ChatBot to give your customers a superior level of service.

Answer: No

Again, just avoid Live Chat when you don’t have the dedicated staff to assist.

6. Do you have time to configure, adapt, and update ChatBot conversations?

Answer: Yes

Great! Because most AI ChatBot platforms need to be configured to answer questions about your specific business, your services, or your products. Pick any AI ChatBot platform you like for this answer. You can try any of the AI ChatBots and Hybrid Chat platforms like Intercom, Drift, or Crisp.

Answer: No

Best choice here is the AI Virtual Assistant. Choose one that can self-configure and adapt automatically to content changing on your website. To date only Respondly can provide self-configuring, self-learning ChatBots, aka AI Virtual Assistants.

7. How many new visitors (targeted) come to your website each day?

Answer: less than 30 per day

Your web traffic is way to low! Out of those 30 you may experience 40-60% bounce-rate, so only 12-15 new visitors may read your website daily….that’s only 1 visitor every 2 hours!

Answer: more than 30 per day

Awesome! Just ensure it’s targeted traffic….the people coming to your website are your target market AND were looking for your products or services.


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