How AI Virtual Assistants maximize website conversions…may the fastest answer win the customer!

This is the ultimate revenue-making hack for websites that want to earn more money.

AI Virtual Assistants are the Salesforce of the future for SMB websites wanting more of that online revenue.

Put a Respondly Virtual Assistant on your website and you immediately notice the increase in enquiries. People love to talk about themselves. When they come to a website that talks with them and invites them to ask questions…guess what happens next?

Yep that’s right, they tell you why they’re on your website and what they need from you!

Kind of makes sense, right?

It is so much easier to convert someone when you know why they are there. Sadly websites are still only viewed as an automated sales tool that you build once and run 24/7 while you conduct real business in the physical world.

You also write content, spend time and money on SEO, and buy AdWords to bring target markets to your website.

What could be easier?!

Visitors read the content, click an AdWord or find a search result, and eventually end up at your website if it all goes according to your digital marketing plan.

Here’s the sobering truth though.

You spend cash on SEO and Advertising, plus you spend enough time on writing quality content, plus you create outstanding landing pages for each campaign. Yet despite all that money and time spent you still lose about 98% of your visitors to your competitors. Check out your conversion rate…if it’s 2% from website traffic you are actually doing pretty well.

Let’s do some Maths to higlight where you might lose money.

Take your SEO and AdWords budget to bring in 100 targeted visitors per day.

I’ll be super cheap and estimate $1 per click but that covers Facebook ads and Google ads to get you the required traffic.

I’ll take a guess that you need time to write some content. I’ll also assume you need more time or money to create the landing page, to study your search keywords, and to create and launch the campaign. Then over the month you will monitor the campaign, you may adjust keywords or content, you have email campaigns firing off and emails replied to have to be read. Even if digital marketing is your job we’ll say $100 per week for your time or money to manage.

So we have $100 per day for click-throughs and $400 to set this up, run, monitor, and update for a month.

That’s a conservative $3,500 per month for 100 new visitors per day.

Now work out if selling your products or services to just 2% of your traffic each day will make you the profit you dreamed of…assuming you’re a business and not a charity.

How did it look? How much profit did you make?

You did notice that 50-60 customers (2% conversion rate) will cost you $60 per customer before you can even charge them for the item or service they purchased, can you see that?

Ask an SEO guru to go over those numbers again. Get a 2nd opinion 😊 Most will say that $100 a week to manage all that is impossible so it is likely costing you more than that.

You can lose a lot of money this way if you aren’t converting enough visitors, or your revenue per customer is low.

Our final thoughts on SEO and conversions.

If you can just increase your conversion rate to 5% you win in two major areas. Firstly your cost to acquire a customer (CAC) goes down to $23. Secondly you just more than doubled your online sales! You are immediately making some of the money you dreamed about earlier. No extra traffic needed, no extra $100 per day or even an extra $100 per month. Just a healthy increase in sales from better conversion rates when you use a Respondly Virtual Assistant.

Enough about money, let’s look at visitor experience on your website.

Visitors to your website have never complained about having to find what they’re looking for, have they? They get to look through your entire website by themselves to find what they want. Your website couldn’t be more simple and more effective at sales huh?

To make finding things easier on websites all designs are standardized around the world and your will be the same. You will have menus along the top that read something like:

Home | Services | Products | About Us | Contact Us

This standard menu helps visitors find what they are looking for on their own. It’s why all websites look so familiar…

But how does your website feel to a visitor, how many visitors have you asked that question to?

As a visitor you’re not offered any help to find what you are looking for. It’s quiet and there is no-one else around to ask even basic questions like “how can I pay for this right now” or “do you accept large notes”….you could literally be losing out and not even know who had visited or what they wanted to buy from you.

You see on a website…questions can only be answered online by going to the Contact Us page. This is where you now must answer questions from the business, answer all the required fields, and in return get to patiently wait for a reply.

And wait….and wait.

Imagine going into a business to ask a question. You are asked a bunch of questions, and then later in the day if you are lucky someone gets back to you with an answer.

If you thought this isn’t good customer service then you’re absolutely right!

It isn’t.

At this point you could just market to everyone that you are a customer-driven, customer-led, customer-first company and hope no-one calls your bluff on reality!

Except now with tabbed browsing it has all changed. Your visitors are not alone on your website anymore. They have many other competitor websites open in their browser all at the same time 🙂 It’s quite competitive now huh?

That was before Respondly Virtual Assistants.

We know that the fastest answer wins customer. So let’s imagine you install a Respondly Virtual Assistant on your website. What does the visitor experience now?

  1. The Assistant understands the website and business they are hosted on and can answer related questions extremely well.
  2. They recognize and relate to new and repeat visitors differently.
  3. They detect the purchasing state of a visitor and behave to suit their current buying state.
  4. They are guided by a sales-oriented workflow, yet can still go off-script if needed.
  5. They will always switch away from small talk back to a sales-oriented approach…eye on the conversion prize!
  6. They are not as good at small talk as regular ChatBots.
  7. They learn and adapt to their changing environment, audience, and purpose.
  8. They can share and exchange successful engagement and conversion techniques to improve themselves.
  9. They can reach out to a real person to help answer tough questions.
  10. They can call services on the internet to look for answers.
  11. They are always learning and adapting to changes automatically.
  12. They can offer documents and resources for download or via email attachments.
  13. They can integrate with other services you might be using.
  14. Visitors never have to search for anything on your website again.
  15. The fastest answer wins the customer, that is now you!

But how does it feel as a visitor when you are offered assistance on a website?

  • You are personally recognized when you return to the website a 2nd, 3rd…even the 10th time after 6 months away, and always treated like a loyal customer.
  • You get answers to any questions immediately, and anything the Assistant doesn’t know is quickly sent to the business for a response.
  • You have your answers and you can make your purchasing decision right there, based on your conversations with the business and Virtual Assistant.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Imagine they open 4 of your closest competitors websites including yours, and only 2 of your competitors reply. Who can they trust to purchase from? What are the chances that they pick you to purchase from? They will always pick the business that replied. You trust people or businesses you have had a conversation with over those you didn’t.

And what about from your business’s POV?

  • While your competitors still take a day or two replying to their Contact Us forms you win more of their customers.
  • In your visitor’s minds they have had a conversation with you already, and we know that conversations build more trust and lead to 3x more conversions.
  • You can expect your standard conversion rate to almost triple if you go from a standard website to using an AI Virtual Assistant.
  • You receive less phone calls for common questions already answered on your website, like: “Where are you located?” or “What’s your phone number” or “Are you open today?”.
  • The Assistants collect warm leads, callbacks, enquiries, appointments, requests for job quotations, property appraisals, and more.
  • The Assistants also guide visitors around your website to satisfy questions, they can offer documents to visitors for download or emailing, and manage registration processes for subscription-based services.

So why are the Respondly AI Virtual Assistants so good at maximizing website conversions?

  • They build trust by engaging and listening to your website visitor needs.
  • Trust leads to visitors asking purchasing questions.
  • Purchasing questions lead to more enquiries, appointments, and sales.
  • A Respondly Virtual Assistant on your website gets you those purchasing questions.


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