What type of ChatBot platform should I use for my website?

Are you thinking about adding a ChatBot to your website to increase your online sales?

You should! They are increasing sales for everyone who uses them and poised to become the #1 online sales tool of choice.

Choosing the right ChatBot for your website can be the difference between spending more money, or making more money from your website.

We’re not recommending any specific ChatBot here. Instead we’ve simplified your needs down to just 2 options based on what you are selling. The ChatBot platform dictates the way in which the ChatBot works and behaves for you and your customers. Picking the ChatBot itself becomes an easier task once you know what each platform can offer your business.

Let’s stop with the technical speak and look at the ChatBot platforms for your business website.

Ask yourself….do you mostly sell products or services on your website?

1. I mostly sell Products


You could either invest your time and money building a Custom Bot to answer specific questions about your Products, or you might look for an existing ChatBot platform that integrates with your eCommerce website and can help visitors load up their Shopping Cart with products.

The easiest example of an integrated eCommerce ChatBot I can think of is Botsify.

This ChatBot platform was built specifically for Shopify eCommerce websites and it integrates nicely by understanding every product and description you have loaded into Shopify.

That’s an easy choice, pick the integrated eCommerce ChatBot!

Not with Shopify?

Just look around for a Bot that integrates with your eCommerce website, they will exist…it will save you the most time and money in the long run.

2. I mostly sell Services

If you sell services then we recommend you look for a ChatBot that can engage and gather Enquiries, Jobs, or Bookings from your website visitors.

The two main choices available are AI ChatBot, or Virtual Assistant.

Your choice depends on the level of customer service you wish to offer, how your customers would like to engage with your business, and the value of your services.

AI Bots (custom, integrated, or hybrid) are great if you can’t be there 24/7 to answer questions, complaints, and spammers.

They generally fail to impress the tech-savvy younger generation though and your brand will suffer it you pick the wrong Bot for your audience.

As AI conversations get better the Virtual Assistant is becoming the best ChatBot platform for 24/7 customer engagement.

They can answer questions that you may never have thought people would ask and they can delight tech-savvy customers with their breadth and depth of knowledge.

In 2 to 3 years you won’t be able to tell the difference between a real-life Virtual Assistant and an AI Virtual Assistant.


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