Case Study: How a tradie generated over $30,000 worth of quotes in under a week

Windows Recoloring NZ (WRNZ) reached out to us in November 2018 

Devan from WRNZ was seeking better ways to increase revenue when he heard about us. Devan takes a lot of calls each day from people who read his website and then want a rough estimate of what it costs to re-color window frames.

During the first few weeks with Respondly Devan received 5 Quotes in 5 days totalling $30,000 and won $12,000 worth of work from that experience.

Conversation people

How Respondly helped

By having the Tradie Assistant handle the regular Pricing questions as well as encouraging customers to leave their Quote details with the Tradie Assistant we managed to save Devan several phone calls a day. This let him win new business without requiring more of his time as well as reducing time spent on the phone when he could be out working. 

Devan was able to understand a customer’s needs before he picked up the phone to ring them about the Quote. The calls were therefore more personalised from the moment the customer answered his phone call.

While Devan is busy on-site re-coloring windows, his Tradie Assistant is working hard day & night in the background converting website visitors into potential sale leads!

Happy users

Results, ROI, Future Plans

It is still early days for WRNZ using Respondly Tradie Assistant however the ability to attract new Quotes from visitors on a daily basis was Devan’s biggest achievement last year for his business.

If we extrapolate out the $30,000 worth of Quotes over a week then Respondly will contribute $1.5m of Quotations for Devan in 2019 and he should win around $600,000 worth. The conversion rate alone for new website visitors (never visited WRNZ before) is a staggering 15%.

Paying just $50 USD/mth for the Tradie Assistant means Devan pays this off in less than 2 and a half hours each month from the Quotes he wins. What makes this an exciting Case Study is that this is a website that only attracts 15 – 20 new visitors each day. 

Respondly Tradie Assistant milestones

  • 5 Quotes in a week – Dec 2018
  • 4 Quotes in 3 days – Feb 2019
  • 6 Quotes in 2 days – Apr 2019



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